15th Annual

National Draw 2014

Women’s Lacrosse Amateur Championships

Congratulations to the 2014 National Draw Champs!
2015 Division: Sky Walkers 15 Blue
2016 Division: Yellow Jackets 16 Defo
2017 Division: Yellow Jackets 17 Cook
2018 Division: Sky Walkers 18 Blue
2019 Division: Sky Walkers 19 Blue
2020 Division: LI Top Guns 20 Black
2021/22 Division: M&D 21 Black

VENUE CHANGE ~ National Draw has been re-located this year to neighboring Cherry Hill East & West High Schools due to the unexpected re-scheduling of Cherokee’s Graduation as a result of the significant # of snow days utilized last winter. These two alternate sites are less than 10 miles from Cherokee – only 4 miles apart – and more conveniently located near the Mt. Laurel hotel base, right off 295 and the NJ turnpike.

All teams will play at ONE of the two SITES – there will be no crossover between sites.   

Cherry Hill WEST • 10 fields • 2101 Chapel Avenue W • Cherry Hill, NJ • 08002 

MS - Fri/Sat:   2019 • 2021 • 2022

HS - Sat/Sun: 2015 • 2016 • 2017

Cherry Hill EAST • 7 fields •  1750 Kresson Rd • Cherry Hill, NJ • 08003

MS - Fri/Sat:   2020

HS - Sat/Sun: 2018

Risers (2019 - 2022) will play 1 game on Friday evening – after 6pm to accommodate teams that are still in school –and 3 games through Saturday afternoon.
High School (2015 - 2018) will play Saturday afternoon through Sunday afternoon with most teams playing 2 games each day (a handful will play 1 on Sat & 3 on Sun).

·          Saturday pool play for Middle School divisions will conclude by 2:15 PM • finals will conclude by 3:15 PM

·          Saturday pool play for High School divisions will conclude by 3:30 PM • finals will conclude by 4:30 PM

The path to seeing the correct schedule for your team:


Select SCHEDULES from the drop down menu (middle of the top bar);

Select your Division (under Girls)

Select STANDINGS and locate your team in the City pool   

Click on your team for your schedule


For the entire division schedule:

  Click the Print Schedule button at top right to see/print entire schedule.



The Electronic waiver must be completed by each athlete BEFORE arriving at National Draw. Click the BLUE button to the right that says WAIVER!  The direct link is on the email that is sent every night to those who have yet to complete - you may also get your User ID and password it from your coach/admin. 


Parking, as usual, will be tight, but adequate to accommodate the event. Check where your team is playing and park accordingly, check out the site map for parking locations. Parking directions are avaiable under the Documents tab.

It is important that teams park only in designated areas and respect all parking staff and signage.  Cars parked on neighborhood streets, fire lanes, no parking zones or other illegal areas will be FINED and/or TOWED by local police. We strongly encourage carpooling whenever possible to help reduce the volume of cars at each site. 

EAST Overflow / Shuttle Parking – Saturday Afternoon / Sunday ONLY

Beck Middle School (950 Cropwell Road • Cherry Hill, NJ • 08003) will be used for overflow parking on Saturday afternoon / SundayONLY - shuttles will continuously run between Cherry Hill HS EAST
and Beck Middle School.  This is a great parking option – a quick 1 mile trip to the fields with no hassles!

Two drop-off zones will be located at the Cherry Hill EAST venue: 1) in front of the high school near the bus stop, 2) in the RED parking lot near fields 16 & 17. This will allow vehicle access for drop-off’s only (athletes, tents, etc.). No parking will be permitted in these areas and vehicles may not be left unattended. 

Bottom line: park in designated areas ONLY !

Road Work Ahead !
        Please note that the I-495 Wilmington bypass at the I-813 bridge over the Christina River is closed due to

emergency roadwork. The Delaware Memorial Bridge is not affected by this roadwork.

Please check this link for more information & alternate routes.


·          Each field will be lined to regulation size.

·          Water and Gatorade will be provided on each field – please bring your own water bottle to fill.

·          A leader board, by division, will be posted near the Black Star tent & updated to keep track of game scores.

·          Scores will be posted online! • click National Draw

·          Pool winners will advance to the playoffs.

·          Tournament rules are listed in the program. US Women’s Lacrosse rules (full checking included) will be followed at ALL levels of play.

·          A field marshal will be on EACH field to maintain communications and to report the score to the official scorer after EACH game via walkie-talkie.

·          The division in which your team will play was selected by your club owner/admin who determined the appropriate competitive placement within your grade levels.   

·          National Draw is a competitive event. EACH team will be challenged to play at a high level. To win a national championship your team must be able to compete with every team in that division. The best team will prevail- whether it’s over teams comprised of older or younger athletes.


College coaches are not required to pre-register for the tournament however those who have committed to attend are listed under the Colleges tab on the tournament page.

If you are a recruitable athlete (grad years 2015, 2016, 2017) you should contact the coach of the programs that interest you to let them know you will be playing at National Draw. Make sure to identify your team name and number. It is not up to the coaches to find you, but up to you to let them know you are interested in their program and where they can watch you play…at National Draw 2014!  Prepare to knock their socks off!

Synapse Sports provides all colleges that support a women’s lacrosse program with the contact information for recruitable athletes along with an advance tournament schedule.

Safety & Conveniences

  • Toilets are plentiful, clean (continually serviced) and strategically located near the fields.
  • Trash cans will be everywhere – please use them!      
  • Trainers are on the field for first aid only- NOT FOR TAPING.
  • Don’t forget the sunscreen!
  • Grills, and the cooking that goes with them, are prohibited.
  • Dogs are NOT permitted on the grounds – local authorities will escort you & your dog from the premises –
    no kidding!  LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME.

Inclement Weather

While we hope for glorious weather– please understand there is no Plan B in the event of inclement weather.

·          As with any outdoor event, competition is subject to the elements. Tournament play may be suspended or cancelled in its entirety as a result of inclement weather or field safety conditions.

·          Safety dictates that competition will cease if thunder is heard or lightning is spotted.

·          Games will re-start, in real time, 20 minutes after the last bolt was sighted or sooner if the sky clears.

Weather Updates:

·          www.laxtournaments.comSign up for text alerts on HOME page for immediate notification!

·         on facebook– simply search for Synapse Sports

·         410-573-1414410-573-1414 x 4 

Team Check-In

The coach of EACH team or club MUST CHECK IN at the Synapse Sports Black Star tent before your first game. Two coaches per team will check the status of the team, collect the programs and get any last minute directions.

Waivers must be recorded online for EACH athlete that will take the field. Any athletes who have not completed their online waiver prior to the Event will NOT be permitted to compete. 

Team Tents

Team tents will be permitted ONLY as directed by Synapse - on the perimeter of the venue, the outer rim by the trees and along outside fences, away from all fields, buildings & walkways. NO tents may be erected between fields or in pathways. Please be conscious of your trash and dispose of it accordingly. 


play.- the FREE tournament program - available at the Synapse Sports Black Star tent. Be sure to pick one up!

The Draw 2014, the recruiting guide for the recruit and the official yellow pages of women’s college lacrosse will be available from Synapse Sports. If you’re in the class of 2015 - you should already know everything in the publication! If you’re in the class of 2016, 2017, 2018 The Draw is the ultimate reference. If you are a Riser (class of 2019 & lower), you won’t need this publication . . . yet!

Onsite Food Concessions


Cherry Hill West Lacrosse Boosters – stadium concession stand: hoagies, pizza, hamburgers, pretzels,                   muffins and bagels. Plus Chick-fil-A chicken & breakfast sandwiches and Iced Tea (Sat only).   

J-Dogs: hot dogs, fried chicken fingers over fries, soft pretzels, funnel cakes, fried oreos and fresh lemonade.

Cherry Hill Midget Football – concession stand Fields 9 & 10: hot dogs, pizza, chick fil a (Sat only), pork roll          breakfast sandwich, soft pretzels.  

ZaJus Gourmet : smoothies, gourmet coffee and espresso beverages, bagels, muffins and fruit.

   Dippin’Dots Ice Cream & Sno-Ball carts


Chesapeake Caterers: chicken on pita, Italian sausage, Philly cheesesteaks, hamburgers, fresh-cut fries, grilled       breakfast sandwiches, and fresh lemonade. 

Chick-Fil-A: chicken & breakfast sandwiches and Iced Tea (Sat only).   

J-Dogs - fields 16 & 17: hot dogs, fried chicken fingers, fries, soft pretzels, funnel cakes, fried oreos, lemonade.

ZaJus Gourmet : smoothies, gourmet coffee and espresso beverages, bagels, muffins and fruit.

   Dippin’Dots Ice Cream & Sno-Ball carts

Breakfast offerings will be available both mornings before the first games. 

Retail Vendors Galore - both sites! Complete list of Vendors located under documents tab. 


Under Armour: YOU KNOW US. WE WERE BORN HERE. And for 17 years the best lacrosse players on the planet have been shredding fields decked out in innovation from Under Armour®. Our cleats are the fastest in the game. Our apparel changed the way athletes dress forever. And our uniforms keep you cooler and more focused than you’ve ever been. Best of all…you can get everything right now. Call 888-828-1547888-828-1547 for Team Sales and GET BETTER NOW.

Gatorade, the official sports drink sponsor, will hydrate athletes with PERFORM (original Gatorade) throughout the weekend. Gatorade coolers will be on each sideline for athletes to fill up using their own water bottles.  

Wave One Sports, the official tournament merchandise provider, will have all the National Draw apparel on hand at both sites all weekend.  Visit the Wave One tent to check out all the new offerings!  

Local Marlton Business Sponsors:


·          Chick-fil-A at Marlton: 220 RT 73 N - 856-985-4391856-985-4391

·          Chick-fil-A at Cherry Hill: 400 Haddonfield Road– 856-488-16001

·          The Promenade at Sagemore: SHOPPING…THE WAY IT SHOULD BE! - RT 73 at Sagemore


Sportsmanship RULES at Synapse Sports events. Anyone violating the good sportsmanship expected of all players, coaches, fans and parents will be promptly presented with a Purple Card and escorted from the venue.


Shoplifting* is a CRIME and will not be tolerated at Synapse Sports events. Local law enforcement officials will be onsite monitoring LAXMALL activities.  Anyone caught shoplifting will be immediately expelled from the tournament and will be denied participation in future Synapse Sports tournaments.  The continued participation of the shoplifter’s team may also be jeopardized.  Vendors are encouraged to prosecute shoplifters under the full extent of the law.  

* Per NJ Law the following acts are considered shoplifting: (1) taking away merchandise (or transferring merchandise from the container in which it is displayed to another container) with the intention of paying less than full price to the merchant (2) hiding merchandise on your body or something you are carrying with the intention of not paying for it;(3) removing, altering, or transferring a price tag with the intention of paying less than full price to merchant. 

We strongly suggest that parents & coaches reiterate this policy to players in advance as there will be no exceptions.

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Online Check-In

Online Check-in is now available for this event.

What is Online Check-in?

Online Check-in is an opportunity for you to skip the physical check-in by completing the process online. You will be required to upload .pdf files or images to the secure sincSports cloud. The event will determine which documents are included as a part of your check-in process.

There is a $20 non-refundable fee in order to participate in online check-in. You should be comfortable scanning documents or taking digital photos to complete this process. We will help you through the rest! Please click the link below to begin:

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Click below to get "in sinc" with National Draw if you don't know your access codes. 


2014 National Draw schedule is posted!

To see your teams schedule:
1. Click on "Schedule"
2. Under "Girls" - click on your division
3. Click "Standings"
4. Scroll down until you locate your team then click on the name

• Regulation full fields
• 2015 - 2018: 2- 22 min. halves
• 2019 - 2022: 2- 19 min. halves
• Championship format • Certified refs • Athlete insurance
New Venues:
Cherry Hill WEST
2101 Chapel Avenue W
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002 
Cherry Hill EAST
1750 Kresson Rd.
Cherry Hill, NJ 08003

Friday / Saturday •   2019-2022  Middle School

Saturday / Sunday •  2015-2018  High School




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